Happy Independence Day America

Happy Independence Day to all!

I found this patch at the Harley dealership last Saturday and I thought it would make a good one to put on my riding gear or a denim jacket.

To me, the skull represents me in afterlife and the Red figure in the picture represents my dear nephew Jimmy who took his last breath on 3/4/2023. Jimmy was a Marine-Medic who served in the Gulf  War and was an overall great guy, with a lot of passion for life and family. In Fall of 2020, Jimmy was diagnosed with Head and Neck cancer. This was a very tenacious cancer and it recurred 3 times, almost every fall. So, Jimmy had 3 surgeries and several chemo and radiation treatments. But, the cancer was relentless and finally Jimmy gave up. There was nothing left he could do.

Jimmy and I had planned to ride our motorcycles in Texas, but that didn't happen. Hence, the afterlife notion.

So, there is the red and white in the patch and I am blue.

I normally don't write something so personal and possibly a downer-kind. But, I am expressing myself today. RIP Devil Doc, I miss you dearly.

That's all for now.
Be well!


  1. How I wish it had turned out to be treatable...and that you guys had got time to ride your motorcycles.


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