Guess who? It's an Itsy Bitsy Spider

When I got on my bicycle the other day. I didn't notice this little fella going along for a ride with me. 

But, shortly thereafter I had to pull over to answer my friend's call and that's when I noticed this fella. 

Now,  does that say I don't use my bike everyday? If so, I am guilty as charged LOL! 
As I work from home, less cycle rides and car drives these days. Oh well! When The Universe closes one door, it opens another. It's all a blessing. 

Linking with Saturday's Critters.

That's all for now. 
Be well!


  1. The little spider got the lift he needed to start his day. Thanks for your visit, have a wonderful weekend.

  2. That "spider" looks like a bee to me. I can only see six legs.

    1. Hi Mae! Thank you! You may be right that it is a Bee. I have lost some of my vision in my right eye. Not perfect anymore, but I am glad to have my eyes :)

  3. What a tiny little spider or fly. I stay home a lot more now and with the hot weather...I'm stuck inside. But things are always changing!

  4. such an itsy, bitsy spider!! it's gotten very hot here at the jersey shore and we are indoors much more often!!!


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