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Hummingbird(s) 2

While on vacation in NM earlier this month, on a good afternoon in New Mexico, I had the inclination to try my new camera (Canon Rebel R10 w/ a 18-150mm lens) on the Hummingbirds. I was ready and they were (are always) ready and it was to do some digital shooting. I can almost certainly say it is the same bird in all the photos in this post, but I will be hard pressed to tell one from the other, especially if they are the same kind :) Zoomed in to get this shot and subsequently cropped it. Same beauty as above. A while later, this baby wanted a drink and hence it came to its ever-clean, spotlessly maintained feeder and I clicked. Though at an angle, you can still see that beak :) Thanks to new technology, even those with physical limitations can take some decent shots - hooray! Same baby as above. I was surprise to see that I could count the dots (please don't challenge me on this one, ok? :) ) on this hummers face/throat/neck. Stretch those wings which do a lot of work. These guys

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