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Serendipitous finds

 Recently, while looking for ways to solve the mystery of the missing photos from my blog*, I found a thousand pictures of so from my former blog (it was under the same name), which got deleted. But, Google had somehow saved it in blogger. I was happy to see that I had access to those photos.  So I thought, why not do a post of all of our recent critters and that's what this post is all about. Starting with Ms. Lea, who lived with us till 2009. And, next up, are Shaggy and Chaka (the Red Chow). Shaggy left us in 2014 and Chaka in 2019.  I found Rambo outside my work in Las Colinas/Irving in 2008 and took him home. He was a lover and a very playful kitty. He lived with us a good number of years.. Shaggy was my first dog. He was a great bicycle mechanic as you can see. Chaco was a very handsome boy. He wanted to be the only cat I think. Chaco and Rambo were good friends. Chaco used to box Rambo from time to time to put him in his place. Black Kitty lived with us for close to 22 years

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