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Winter Scenes from nearby

On a recent cycle ride back from an errand, I was lucky enough to take in some great scenery at the lake in Coppell / Andy Brown Park.  You may see some feathered friends in the distance - shot using my phone. Cormorants. I am always amazed how hard working our feathered  friends are. Typical Texas fall/winter scenery. Finally, leaves are changing color. This year, we went from Summer to Winter, no Fall. Close-up of the Cormorants. I think the birds in the next picture may be ducks, I can't tell by looking at this picture. Christmas and other holidays are almost here. Hope you are all looking forward to the Holiday Season. Gratitude : I am so grateful that I can see well enough and take photos. I am thankful for all that I have and all that I don't have. Linking with  Saturday's Critters . That's all for now. Be well.

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