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Incoming, Layla, Glen Rose Dinosaur 'Hunting' Trip, Turner Falls - Oklahoma and a run in with "Will Teasle", New Mexico Mural

Incoming   A few weekends ago, I hopped on my electric pedal-assisted bicycle to ride to Whole Foods to get some groceries and exercise. It was a very pleasant day, though a bit windy. Because of the winds, I might have had the trail to myself. I did see quite a few caterpillars along the way. It took me a moment to realize that these guys are the precursor to the beautiful butterflies that we love so much. I stopped to love on this one too! They get run over by bicyclists and pedestrians alike on the trails. I loaded up my panniers with 30+ pounds of veggies, nut milk and such and headed back home. It took me close to two hours to travel the 30-35 miles, but much of it is on quiet roads and trails, so I had a ball. Put my legs and lungs to good use too :) Local HOAs and governments have instructed lawn crew not to mow the wildflowers. Hooray, you get to see the natural splendor of these beautiful swaths of flowers all along city roads and even along the highways. Close-up of wildflowe

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