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Fishing to eat, Local statue, Flower Collage, some nice autos and a mural

During a recent bicycle ride, I stopped by Andy Brown Park in Coppell-Texas, to check out the scenery. I was in luck as there was a lot of activity from many a feathered friend. This White Heron was of course patient. And, its patience paid off! Next up, we go to the lovely Texas city of Lewisville (a northern suburb of Dallas), where I found this new statue created by a local artist. There is more information about the statue and its purpose in a photo below. Close-up of the statue. I was attracted to this statue for several reasons, in addition to it being a new addition to Lewisville's Central Park. Information about the statue. Next, let's go to Weatherford-Texas, just west of Fort Worth. I rode to Weatherford on my motorcycle, just to visit its famous vintage car museum. The admission to this really nice museum is free and they ask that you make a donation - why not? :) In the museum, I saw some cars of great historical importance, starting with President Lindon B. Johnson

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