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Horses at Ghost Ranch

 Below are some pictures from Ghost Ranch, NM , taken during September 2023. One of the horses spotted this tourist dude with a camera and decided to check him out. Getting closer. Notice the horses aren't too keen on this tourist :) Getting closer. Another one seems interested, let's see.... Now, we are getting really close. May be the two will approach. One kinda shakes its head .... Tilts its head around as if to see if the other horse is following.... And, that was that. I got a picture of these two beauties in the distance. Horses are magnificent creatures and seem really intelligent (who are we to judge, eh?). They are very comforting to be around  and they are very curious too. I got to see more horses than ever before in my life over the summer, which I consider a blessing.  Gratitude : I am so grateful that I can see well enough and take photos. I am thankful for all that I have and all that I don't have. Linking with  Saturday's Critters . That's all for n

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